This year Boogie is turning it up to Eleven!

    Boogie People. Welcome to a new decade of decadence. Go one louder. Go hard. Don’t go home. Stay for three sexy nights. Let’s hold hands and gather our thoughts and shake it loose together again this Easter in Tallarook. Magical musical times. Late night shenanigans. Fine food and booze selections. Be like Bruce Doull and let your head band and freak flag fly. Boogie 11. Unreal.

    Boogie volunteers works across all areas of the festival and keep the Boogie wheels turning all weekend long. We love our volunteers who are a huge part of bringing it all together. Quite plainly - there ain't no way we could do it without you!

    Always fun and definitely a good time, volunteer tasks includes directing traffic, taking tickets at the gate, washing pot glasses, sorting recycling and landfill, picking up rubbish, sometimes even chopping wood and generally being legends and all-round awesome Boogie ambassadors!

    For a maximum of 12 hours of volunteer work (although it could be less) you get:

    - A volunteer ticket to Boogie for the whole weekend
    - A unique Boogie T-shirt only available to volunteers
    - A meal voucher for each shift worked

    Sounds good right?

    As a guarantee that you'll complete both your shifts in their entirety we collect your credit card details as security against your ticket.

    Then, if it happens that you don’t attend or complete one or either of your shifts OR in the opinion of the person supervising you you’re deemed unable to complete your assigned jobs, we’ll contact you for authorisation to charge your credit card for the full price of a ticket ($229 plus booking fee and credit card surcharge).

    Your credit card details are collected through payment of a non-refundable Volunteer Registration Fee of $10 (plus booking fee and credit card surcharge).

    How to pay the Volunteer Registration Fee:
    1. Click HERE to be redirected to the Oztix page (bookmark this page so you can come back to it to commence your application)
    2. If you aren't already, register to become an Oztix member
    3. As you are completing the GENERAL volunteer application, please select: GENERAL VOLUNTEER from the two "ticket" options
    4. Enter the PASSWORD: BOOGIE
    5. Pay Volunteer Registration Fee
    6. Save your Oztix receipt (Oztix will email the receipt to your registered email)
    7. Enter the "OZTIX ORDER NUMBER" from the receipt into the field below
    7. Complete and submit the application

    You will not be able to submit your application without providing the “order number” from the Oztix receipt.

    Each volunteers needs to make an individual payment, although the same credit card can be used multiple times in separate transactions. Sorry guys, no group payments.

    Please also note if we do need to charge you for a ticket, we're unable to automatically charge your credit card without your authorisation.

    Some details please.

    We're looking forward to welcoming you to the Boogie family at the Volunteer Meeting & Wristband Collection.

    We'll give you the low-down on all things volunteering and you'll get your wristband and V-Line tickets if you requested them by the cut off date.

    Details are:
    7pm - Tuesday 28 March
    The Yarra Hotel
    295 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC

    Put the deets in your diary now!
  • Will you be attending the meeting/wristband collection? *

    We're asking for a pic so we can put a face to the name!

    If you have any relevant festival/event/random experience and skills, please let us know here. If you don't have any prior events experience then tell us what you feel you can bring to Boogie.

    All volunteers need to:

    - Arrive at Boogie on Friday 14 April between 9am and 12pm (at the latest)
    - Complete the on-site registration at Volleywood and grab a t-shirt
    - Attend one of the induction sessions running between 9.30am and 12.30pm at Volleywood

    There are two types of volunteers, details outlined below:

    Festival Crew
    Festival Crew duties include bar bussing, catering, environmental management, site running, ticketing, traffic marshalling and Volleywood support.

    - Shifts are anytime between 10am on Friday 14 April (before gates open) and 2am on Monday 17 April
    - Festival crew volunteers do two shifts during Boogie up to 12 hours in total
    - Shifts range in length from 4-6 hours
    - Each volunteer receive shifts in a variety in area and time-slots (AM or PM)
    - Shifts can start as early as 7am and finish as late at 2am
    - Due to large numbers of volunteers, special requests for working in a particular area or at a particular time cannot be fulfilled
    - You are always a part of the festival especially when you're making Boogie proud by playing a vital role in the epic operation of the festival

    Bump Out Crew

    Limited spots on the bump out crew are also available, to work 6 hours between 7am and 5pm on Monday 17 April. First in best dressed! And please be aware the bump out involves physical work.

    - Volunteers who sign up for the bump out crew are required to do 1 x 6 hour shift (note: one shift only)
    - The bump out involves but is not limited to taking down fencing, sorting recycling, carrying gear to be packed away, washing pot glass and other physical tasks
    - There is a train to Melbourne around 6pm on the evening of the bump out and a lift to the station will be available for those who want to take the train home
  • Please pick one only *

  • Please select at least two and a maximum of three preferences in the areas you are keen to volunteer in. *

    Although we can't guarantee it, we do our very best to partner you up with at least one mate for each shift and often it's more than one!

    Please enter the full names of people you would like to be rostered with.

    Every volunteer gets a collectible and totally rad Boogie T-shirt to wear during shifts and to take home with them – tell us which size fits (unisex sizes apply)
  • Select a Choice *

    Who should we call in case of emergency?

    Do you have any medical conditions / special needs that may affect your capacity or shifts you undertake?

    It is understood that in exchange for a maximum of 12 hours of volunteer work, I will receive entry to Boogie 11, return V Line travel for the event (if requested by the cut off date), a Volunteer T-shirt and one meal voucher for each shift worked.

    I understand that I must pay a $10 non refundable volunteer registration fee (plus booking fee and credit card surcharge), which will not be refunded.

    If I do not complete my full commitment, or I'm under the influence of drugs or alcohol and am deemed unable to complete my duties (in the opinion of the person who is supervising me or the Volunteer Coordinator) I will be contacted by Boogie who will request authorisation to charge my credit card for the full price of a ticket ($229 plus booking fee and credit card surcharge).

    I understand that as a volunteer I am not entitled to any salary, payments or per diems as part of my participation in the event.

    I understand that as a volunteers I am to conduct myself in a friendly and helpful manner at all time, anything else is very un-Boogie.

    I understand that safety is of the utmost importance: both the safety of our volunteers, artists and staff and the safety of partons. I will use common sense at all times and am required to complete an induction session prior to the commencement of any work.

    As a volunteer, I will provide my own Personal Protective Equipment (appropriate footwear, hat, sunglasses, warm clothing etc) and Boogie will provide sunscreen and water, which will all be located in Volleywood.
  • Do you accept these conditions and agree to abide by them? *

    If you find that you are unable to volunteer and let us know by 5pm on Friday 24 March the Volunteer Registration Fee will be automatically refunded to the credit card used in the original payment (NB: the booking fee and credit card surcharges are non-refundable)
  • If I need to cancel my registration, Volleywood must be notified by 5pm on Friday 24 March to avoid being charged the price of a ticket. *

    Unless it is due to illness or forces beyond your control, if you cancel after 5pm on Friday 24 March, you will be charged for the full price of a ticket ($229 plus booking fee and credit card surcharge). A medical certificate will need to be provided if you cancel after 5pm on Friday 24 March due to illness.
  • If I notify Volleywood that I would like to cancel my registration after 5pm Friday 24 March I will be charged for the price of a ticket ($229 plus booking fee and credit card surcharge) *

    Thank you for giving your fine self over to Boogie 11 - we look forward to working with you!!

    Once you hit submit you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we have received your application.

    Then, once you're application is successful, you'll be notified by email.

    Everything you could possibly need to know about Boogie is here boogie.net.au

    If you have any questions, advice, hot tips for better living, or feedback on the application process, please contact us at volleywood@boogie.net.au